Why You Should Practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga?

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a disciplined series of asana synchronized with count, breath, posture and sight (gaze). In 200 hour ashtanga vinyasa teacher training course in Rishikesh, you will learn deep breathing in the back of throat through which air is transformed into the oxygen to detoxify your blood. Some of the physical benefits are intelligence, longevity, elimination of all impurities and body fat, superior health, and a strong and flexible body. You can have a pure mind and the whole body system. Here are some of t he important reasons why you should practice it –

  • Personal Attention

Just like a private coaching class, each student in a group gets personal guidance and attention from a teacher. The teacher has to observe each of their students throughout the practice and give support when required. The personal assistance is tailored to the individual needs of every student.

  • Improved Focus

It is much more internal and personal way of yoga practice. When it comes to confront with our own yoga practice, we need to deal with discomfort, distractions and wandering mind. This way, the physical practice is tailored to bring us back to the focused state, instead of gazing others and passively listening to outside noise. It is the meditative part of yoga.

  • Learn to Move at Your Own Pace and Rhythm

This way, you can spend extra time on challenging postures and put more emphasis on developing your own practice. In addition, everyone in the class can practice various asanas and go at a unique pace.

  • Observation

You can reach a state where you can simply hear the movement of your body, sound of breath, and sense your body heat. You are often carried out with this magical energy while practicing.

  • Enhance Knowledge of Practice

In this yoga pose, you can feel the dristi, breath and bandhas and cultivate awareness. You will learn to pay attention and deepen your knowledge of practice. You can develop more sensible relationship with your teacher.

While practicing any form of yoga in a group setting, you have to watch yourself, not your fellows, feet, pedicure, toenails, teacher etc. You should observe your own habits, thought patterns and be the witness. It creates self-practice environment so you can feel and hear your body sensations with more clarity, in a self reliant way.

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